Born out of a Love for Lights 

and the gorgeous looks they create at Weddings, Events and Parties 

The image lit-up letters conjures up in my mind - Broadway, Carnivals, Las Vegas.  Fun, Happy, Exciting

Big, Bold and Bright, shouting out to the world - like your 'Love' is on your wedding day 

Who? What? Where? Why? or When? - one word can say so much

A style of writing - the Font, can add feeling too.  Be it nostalgia, drama, retro or modern

Lights Love Marquee Letter Lights is all this 

Sharing 'the love' inspired "The In Thing ..." to set up a Hiring Division so anyone can have these letter lights at their Big Day or Event

Adding to the existing Sales Division of possibly the widest selection of battery operated LED lighting options in South Africa for Weddings, Events and Parties - or just fun Home Decor, Lights Love will now help you complete your story

A picture paints a thousand words but Lights Love can be just one word that encapsulates the whole picture  

Stuff - just for interests sake 

A letter board or letter sign - also known as a marquee, is a custom made form of signage which employs individually movable letters of the alphabet

Think Theatres, Movie Houses, Diners, Car Lots, Strip Malls. Carnivals and Fun Fairs.  1920's 30' and 40's

The Fonts we associate with these sorts of signs are big, bold, dramatic and today considered vintage, deco or western

From the original hand painted signs to Neon strips and those with incandescent bulbs.  

LED Technology has taken this all one step further and today you can take your letters anywhere with battery operation.      



All these are Free Downloadable Fonts


Thanks to Google Search for lots of interesting information

The real origins ... of these shows

The Roman word circus (from Latin, "circle") was a large open-air venue used for public events in the ancient Roman Empire.  

The circuses were similar to the ancient Greek hippodromes, although they served varying purposes and differed in design and construction.  Circuses were venues for chariot races, horse races and and performances that commemorated important events of the empire took place here. For events that involved re-enactments of naval battles, the circus was flooded with water.

Medieval Fairs were a gathering of buyers and sellers, at a particular place at a stated or regular season, often religious festivals.  

Although the main objective of the Medieval fairs were trade and commerce, every fair contained some element of merry-making. Possibly starting from merchants trying to sell their goods, people were determined to attract the most customers to their stalls. 

Therefore, from a very early date, there was always fun at the fair. Any entertainment to attract a crowd, singers, musicians, acrobats, stilt walkers and fools. Fairs included various contests such as archery tournaments. Fast food and other refreshments were available. There were lots of opportunities for fun at the Medieval fairs.

Carnival Lights and Traveling Shows

 A Fair (European) or a Carnival (American).  Being set up in open fields near or in a town and moving to a new location after a period of time. 

These shows could include a circus, vaudeville show, burlesque show and magic lantern show.  Freak shows, the exhibition of freaks, monstrosities or marvels of nature were essential components of travelling exhibitions in Europe and America throughout the Victorian period.  Rides were added too - the big wheel, merry-go-rounds plus other activities generally devised to show off your ability - for the man to impress the lady on his arm! 

As a short-stay form of entertainment where most people would visit at night lighting was very important not just so you could see what you were doing but to draw attention - and it seemed like each attraction was trying harder than the next.   

When you heard those sounds, smelled those scents and saw those moving, colored lights you knew the Carnival was in Town



Information courtesy of the Hollywood Sign Trust

The Hollywood Sign 

The most famous Letter Lights, that worldwide symbol of the entertainment industry, was conceived as an outdoor ad campaign for a suburban housing development called “Hollywoodland.”

Built in 1923 by Los Angeles Times publisher Harry Chandler as an epic $21,000 electric billboard for his upscale Hollywoodland housing estate development, the Sign soon took on the role of giant marquee for a city that was constantly announcing its own gala premiere.

At just over 13 metres high, 9 metres wide and lit by 4,000 20watt light bulbs the sign was originally intended to last just a year and a half.  Now it has endured for more than eight decades – and is still going strong.

Although the Sign’s appearance and purpose have evolved over the years, its basic aspirational message remains the same: This is a place where magic is possible, where dreams can come true.

Neon Signs 

1902 Georges Claude - Develops the First Neon Lamp  

The first commercial neon sign was sold by Jaques Fonseque, Claude’s associate, in 1912 to a Paris barber

In 1923, Georges Claude introduces his neon signs to the United States. He sells two neon signs to a Packard Car dealership in Los Angeles. Earle C. Anthony purchased the two signs reading "Packard" for $24,000

Neon signs quickly caught on as a popular fixture in outdoor advertising in the U.S.. Visible even in daylight, unique in its visual display, people loved the first neon signs. The brilliant red illumination fascinated the public and it was coined "liquid fire."

Las Vegas set the stage in the 40’s and 50’s with lavish colorful and creative signs with impressive neon animations.  Border neon, and decorative architectural accents framed the City streets and do to this day.


Information and images courtesy of Neon Library

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